Dangerous Tree Removal

Trees can be dangerous for many reasons. A big safety hazard is caused by dead trees or trees that are showing decay. Trees can also be infected with a disease, which can cause a lot of hazard.
We are fully qualified in dismantling
dangerous trees get the job done safely.

Wood Chipping

Wood chipping is the conversion branches, boughs etc of felled trees into wood chips.
We can remove chippings as part of our service but if you prefer to keep and use them, we leave them. They could be useful in mulching applications, for spreading under trees, to keep weeds down and to recycle nutrients back into the soil.

Tree Surgery & Pruning

We provide tree pruning services that help trees to develop with a strong structure and visually appealing shape. Some of the benefits are: Reducing a risk to property or life, removing dead branches increasing lighting for trees or public areas.
If tree pruning is done correctly, it will help to prevent trees from damage or being killed as a result of unskilled workmanship that potentially changes the growth of trees.

First Aid & Manual Handling Training

Our training courses include:

  • First Aid Responder (FAR) – This three day course is designed to give participants sufficient knowledge and the appropriate skills to enable them to undertake occupational first aid in the workplace.Manual
  • Handling – The aim of the Manual Handling Training Course is to provide participants with the knowledge,skills and attitude to enable them to lift and move loads in accordance with good manual handling techniques.Chainsaw
  • Maintenance – Basic chainsaw maintenance and sharpening skills

Tree Surveys

A tree survey is a professional appraisal of trees on a site, identifying species, dimensions, location, structural condition, physical health and tree management & retention recommendations.

Forestry Clearfelling

Clearfelling is defined as a method of regenerating an even-aged stand in which a new age class develops in a fully-exposed microclimate after removal, in a single cutting, of all trees in the previous stand. By removing all vegetative cover clearfelling exposes soils to the natural elements, This exposure damages biodiversity associated with, and adapted to, forest ecosystems

Firewood Logging & Splitting Services

Firewood Logging & Splitting into usable sizes can be a lot of hard hard work and sometimes requires chainsaw or other machinery. We can take care of the hard work involved in logging and splitting so you can just look after stacking them. We can cut shorter logs for small wood stoves or any other custom size.

FIREWOOD SALES: Softwood & Hardwood delivered

24-Hour Emergency Callouts

During an emergency situation, our professional team at Kilcoyne Tree Surgery will support you if you need it the most. We have 24-hour emergency services for storms and any dangerous trees that have fallen. In the wake of the storm, our first move is typically to assess the damage to the correct crew that is decided by the specifications, such as climbers, bucket teams, cranes and clean-up teams. We will respond to all emergency calls from the tree and have assisted customers with trees that fall from houses, motor vehicles, power lines, roads and waterways.

We provide a full range of professional arborist services to suit all budgets. These include:

  • Dangerous Trees Dismantled
  • Wood Chipping Services
  • Tree Surgery and Pruning
  • Training- First Aid, Manual Handling
  • Tree Surveys
  • Forestry Clear Fell
  • Fire Wood Logging & Splitting Service
  • FIREWOOD SALES: Softwood & Hardwood delivered ​
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out
  • Fully Insured and Certified
  • All Green Waste Recycled

When you are considering work on your trees or hedges, please contact me at (086) 106-9913

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